We were tasked with designing this renovation and addition to include all new exterior siding, windows, trim and details.
The existing house was added onto over time resulting in several additions that visually looked chaotic with rambling roof lines that didn't make sense. On top of that the existing structure was poorly built which necessitated removing and rebuilding the center portion of the house. One of our main goals was to redesign the center portion to create a new entry, stair tower, improve second floor spaces above and aesthetically establish a new roof line that made sense. We accomplished this by developing this portion to be a strong visual focal point. We divided this area into three elements. Anchoring one side is a full two story structure crowned by a gable facing the drive court. On the other side is the stair tower with a hipped roof. Between these two elements is the covered entry porch with a low pitched roof that intersects with a series of windows that feels like a bridge. In essence it is a bridge that ties the other two elements together.

Upon entering the property and approaching the house there is now no doubt where the focus is. The new entry and stair tower is readily apparent and draws guests towards it. Most importantly these centering elements establish the correct hierarchy that was lacking previously with the existing house. All other roof lines remained as they were. Internally an existing center chimney was removed enabling guests to see clear thru the house to the beautiful view of the bay beyond upon arrival.
A new expanded kitchen is created which also is focused on the water view. The existing second floor of the center portion were mostly comprised of low angled ceilings which made those areas and spaces feel tight and constricted. We opened those areas up to be full two story which enables them to feel more comfortable to be in and improves their functionality. These spaces include an exercise area, two bed rooms, full bath, and Laundry. The house also has a large study which sits over the garage as well as a first floor master and two other second floor bedrooms contained in another wing.
Where the original house didn't really have a defined exterior style our renovation and redesign is a more contemporary version of shingle style.


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