Long Lake

This new 4,000 Sq.Ft. residence replaces an existing camp and detached garage in Maine's lake region. The new house will eventually become the full time residence for our clients. Designing within the tight and skinny confines of the buildable envelope the house stretches itself out along the lakefront taking full advantage of it's views. There is an open but covered passage that greets guests when arriving. This serves as the day to day entry point to the house as well as the garage and links the two structures together. The main house is very informal with visually connected Kitchen, Dining, and Living spaces. Each space opens to views of the lake beyond. In addition to those focal point spaces there is also a Master Suite along with support spaces on the first floor.

The second Floor consists of three separate en-suite bed rooms. The highlight of the second floor is an open bridge which links bed room suites on each end of the house. The bridge looks down onto the Living Room below and there is an adjacent sitting alcove space which can be shared by all. The aesthetics of the house is lakefront cottage style with an assortment of double hung and awning windows. The exterior siding is intended to be white cedar shingles and there are accent areas of veneer stone. The color palette will be earth tone colors to blend into the environment.


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