Dune Grass

Designed as a vacation house on the frontal dune along the Maine coast this contemporary shingle style house is always a welcome destination. The house is positioned to take full advantage of direct ocean views to the southeast as well as views to the pool to the west. This unique orientation enables our clients to enjoy sunrises in the morning and sunsets in the evening. The dynamic of this view directionality allowed us to be very creative with how the interior spaces were positioned. Our task was to maximize all of the views within all of the living spaces. The resulting spaces are informal, comfortable and airy allowing view and cross ventilation from multiple directions. When you are in the house one is never unaware of where they are and the beauty that lies beyond.

Along with the interior spaces we also created exterior spaces to sit and relax. A sizeable open deck on the water side allows for seating and grilling. A portion of this deck is covered to get out of the sun. On the entry side a welcoming covered front porch welcomes all who arrive to visit. This porch is large enough to also have seating and is often used to be out of the wind and sun and also to enjoy sunsets. Aesthetically the mass of the house is broken up with a playful assembly of bays and dormers.


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