The Farm

Located in rural New Hampshire this addition and renovation to a popular farmers market is designed to double the amount of existing retail space, improve efficiency and make a visual statement. The new retail space is housed in a vaulted structure with exposed beams. This space becomes the focal point and draws customers thru the store in a strategized way to maximize product visibility.

The new space is anchored with an informal dining area and stone fire place. The existing kitchen also doubles in size and the receiving area is re-oriented to allow deliveries of product to be out of view.

The upper level of the existing building is revised to allow for code compliant egress paths of travel. An expanded meeting room, new handicapped accessible bathroom and offices complete the upper level. The new retail addition extends from the end of the existing building and we located the elevator inside a silo making for an interesting focal point.

A staggered roof line on the addition softens the building as a whole and keeps the focus on the existing structure. Creative window arrangements and use of natural materials including stone further blends new and existing together.


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