Windy Cove

As the site of a sloping boat launch over the span of 100 years fisherman would drag their vessels down thru a narrow gap flanked by rock out cropping’s and gentle slopes on two sides. This topography remained unaltered over time and eventually became the site of a small house. When our client’s purchased the property it was with the understanding that a new residence would be constructed to meet their needs as the existing house was too small and in need of repair. The resulting new house is designed as a contemporary version of Shingle Style with an open floor plan meant to take full advantage of beautiful western views of the cove. Challenging zoning requirements, the compactness of the site and working around existing topography drove the shape of the house. It was important to create a strong sense of arrival, have some view of the cove which lies beyond and minimize the disturbance of the site.

We created a strong central focal point containing the Entry Porch which draws ones eye when entering the property. The cove is visible thru the front door of the porch and to the side. The garage is nestled into the hillside perpendicular to the entry creating a cozy drive court. Upon entering the house your eye is immediately drawn to the view of the cove in what we refer to as a “thru view”. Our client’s desire for an informal open floor plan concept allows each space to be visually connected making them feel bigger than they actually are. Simple but creative roof lines create visual appeal on the exterior. The topography of the site allowed for a walk out basement used as a recreation room giving the house a three story appearance on the cove side.


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